Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog

While I understand Grady’s desire for a “Holiday Feast for Dogs,” I think it is important to note there are some Thanksgiving foods that are potentially dangerous for dogs to consume.  Here’s a list of ten foods to avoid.  Turkey skin and undercooked meat Stuffing and...

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A Winning Team

  A Winning Team Dear Readers: I wanted to title this opinion piece, “How To Be Successful In Spite Of Your Partner” but Dawson was adamant that I stay positive and kind.  I’m always kind but as you all know, it can be difficult to stay positive when your partner...

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The Things You Love

The Things You Love A Valentine’s Day Commentary by Grady Buford Huntley Dear Readers, Everyone says that Valentine’s is a day to express your love but I am compelled to say that I strongly disagree.  As my fellow canines know, one day of the year just doesn’t give us...

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The Bullet

  He sat still, looking out over the field, quiet as a church mouse.  The only thing I saw moving was the twitching of his nostrils. I inhaled to calm myself since I was starting to feel very anxious.  “Deep breaths.” I said to myself, “You can do this.”  I was...

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Humble Pie

Once, when one of my dogs behaved in such a manner that I didn’t recognize him (of course it was in front of a group of people), my teacher commented, “Dogs have a sense of humor.”  I wasn’t sure if that explained my dog’s unexpected behavior or if he decided I needed...

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Grady Goes to Camp. Day 3.

    Personal Correspondence Camp Unleashed October 15, 2016 Dear Dawson, I think this was the best day ever at camp!  I was busy, busy, busy and I loved it, loved it, loved it! The first class I attended was unlike any other you or I have been to and it was...

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Grady Goes to Camp! Day 2.

  Personal Correspondence Camp Unleashed October 14, 2016 Dear Dawson, Wow, what a day!!  More fun than a lively game of chase!  I was not disappointed at all. After Mom finally woke up (I was awake for hours checking our schedule), she fed me my delicious but...

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Grady Goes to Camp! Day 1.

    Personal Correspondence Camp Unleashed October 13, 2016 Dear Dawson, I said I would write you about my big adventures at Dog’s Camp so here it goes.  Try not be be too jealous because I got to do a bunch of cool dog stuff with Mom while you had to stay...

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