Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog

While I understand Grady’s desire for a “Holiday Feast for Dogs,” I think it is important to note there are some Thanksgiving foods that are potentially dangerous for dogs to consume.  Here’s a list of ten foods to avoid.  Turkey skin and undercooked meat Stuffing and...
How To Get Your Toy Back

How To Get Your Toy Back

Not giving it up!  No way, no how! So you have a dog that you’d love to play fetch with but they refuse to bring the ball or frisbee back to you.  Or, you are training them and as a reward, you toss your dog a toy only to find that they proceed to fly by you with the...
Bad weather + 2 dogs. What to do?

Bad weather + 2 dogs.
What to do?

January 26th, 2015 It’s gonna be a long, long winter’s day is all I kept thinking as Dawson’s energy level grew.  For a week (or six months, I don’t know. I’ve lost track of time), the weather has been either bitterly cold or rainy so there is little opportunity to do...
My dog’s a genius! Top 5 Dog Training Tips

My dog’s a genius! Top 5 Dog Training Tips

Which do you like better? A dog that is trained to have good manners or one that hasn’t a clue that tackling you like a NFL linebacker is a bad thing? Certainly you’d agree that it’s great fun to be dazzled by a pooch that displays a variety of tricks simply for your...

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