Dear Friends, Family, Fans and Abolish the Crate Federation Members,

I confess I don’t pay much attention to the holidays, but Grady does, and nothing bugs him more than all the attention that Valentine’s Day receives. Rather than try to explain Grady’s position, I thought I’d interview him and share the transcript with you. So, here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Dawson: “Hey Grady, now that your nap is over, can we discuss your feelings about Valentine’s Day?”

Grady: “What’s to discuss? I find it rather ludicrous that just one day of the year should be devoted to expressing love. Love should be expressed everyday, period. And, Valentine’s Day unfairly steals the focus from other significant days in February.”

Dawson: “You mean President’s Day?”

Grady: “President’s Day?! No! I’m referring to three very important but often overlooked days.”

Dawson: “Which are?”

Grady: “I thought you’d never ask. February 20th is Love Your Pet Day and, although pets tend to get lots of love throughout the year, I’m hopeful that treat consumption will spike that day. After all, nothing says love like a tasty treat.”

Dawson: “Agreed. What are the other two?”

Grady: “You’ll like this one, Dawson. It’s National Walking the Dog Day scheduled for February 22nd. I know the walk won’t last as long as you would like it to

Dawson: “They never do.”

Grady: “But at least some activity is on the books, so to speak.”

Dawson: “I wish they had a National Run Like the Wind With Your Dog Day.”

Grady: “Not going to happen. Too many humans are accident prone.”

Dawson: “Darn.”

Grady: “A topic for another day. Now, last but certainly not least, is the third one which brings me so much happiness that I can hardly sleep the night before. It is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! This year it is on February 23rd, a Tuesday!! Everyone should mark their calendar!! No one should miss it!!! It’s the best…”

Dawson: “Grady”

Grady: “…day ever!!!! Dogs everywhere will rejoice!!!!! Dog biscuits are fabulous…”

Dawson: “Grady!”

Grady: “…and I would like to eat 10, maybe 20!!!!!!”

Dawson: “GRADY!!! Get a hold of yourself!”

Grady: “I just love dog biscuits soooo much!”

Dawson: “I know you do. Quick question. Do you love dog biscuits more than Mom?”

Grady: “Certainly not. I love Mom more than anything in the whole, wide world.”

Dawson: “Me, too. Perhaps we should get her something?”

Grady: “Like a Valentine?”

Dawson: “Well, we can’t give her a dog biscuit.”

Grady: “Poor Mom.”

There you have it. Chapter and verse.


Dawson Earnest Huntley
President & CEO
Abolish the Crate Federation

P.S. Grady and I wish all our readers a wonderful Love Your Pet Day, good weather for National Walking the Dog Day, a bountiful International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, and a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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