Dear Susan,

Below is the Abolish the Crate Federation manifesto. I hope this will solidify your commitment to our cause.


Dawson Earnest Huntley
President and CEO
Abolish the Crate Federation

Abolish the Crate Federation Manifesto
by: Dawson Earnest Huntley

It’s about freedom. Seeking, smelling, finding, expressing freedom. Being liberated from the confines of rules, crates and the demands of others.

Freedom to:
think freely
run with wild abandon
jump as high as the moon
tussle with your best bud
shout out your convictions from the depths of your soul whether it be in agreement or in protest
play without restraint
make your own choices
compromise or not
sniff without interruption
dig until you capture the mole
live without coercion
drink from the toilet
bury the bone in someone’s flower bed
engage in a lively game of chase
roll in smelly stuff

Freedom to express the exuberant joy that lives in the heart of all dogs.

Freedom to be.


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