Dear Abolish the Crate Federation Members, friends and family,

Santa is coming and for some of our humans, that seems to be a particularly stressful event.  I’m not sure why.  From what I’ve heard about Santa, he seems to be a decent, generous guy who enjoys a cookie or two.  And, I have a difficult time understanding why anyone who has thumbs complains of feeling stressed out.  You can do anything if you have thumbs! What I would do if I had thumbs, even for a day.  I get very excited just thinking about it!

But, I digress.  Grady and I thought we would offer our suggestions for a stress-free holiday season.  We sincerely believe that by following our recommendations, your holiday season will be great fun.  We know this because we practice this list almost daily and we are always happy (even if we don’t have thumbs).  Since Grady is the oldest and he has more suggestions, I’ll share his list first.  Happy Holidays!

Grady’s Top 7 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Stress:

  1. Go for a long walk.
  2. Smell everything you can while on your long walk.
  3. Eat two large meals a day.
  4. Try to work in a few treats (I find that good behavior is impressive and is usually rewarded with a treat!).
  5. Snuggle with your human.
  6. Take lots of naps.
  7. Play with your sibling.

My (Dawson) Holiday Stress Busters:

  1. Run as fast as you can, as often as you can, wherever you can.  Location doesn’t matter but you can pick up more speed if you have a wide open space.
  2. Never turn down an offer to play with your brother.
  3. Listen to polka music.

There you have it.  Chapter and verse.

Dawson Earnest Huntley, NAJ
President & CEO
Abolish the Crate Federation


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