Does your dog laugh? I thought about that question in regard to my pooches.  The Puppy Grady flashes a toothy grin from time to time but does he laugh?  I didn’t think so until I read what Alexandra Horowitz wrote in her book, Inside of a Dog.

“Do dogs laugh? Well, only when something is terrific fun… The dog laugh is a breathy exhalation that sounds like an excited burst of panting.  We could call it social panting; it is a pant only heard when dogs are playing or trying to get someone to play with them.   …dogs laugh when interacting socially.”

Now that I know what to look for, I believe The Puppy Grady laughs and laughs often. That makes me feel good, knowing he’s a happy pup.

So the next time you’re playing with your dog or doing something you know he thinks is fun, listen carefully.  You just may catch your dog laughing.


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