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How It All Began

How Be Dog Happy Began - summer 2006


One day I was watching my two golden retrievers, Tucker and Fletcher, playing outside. It suddenly struck me that, other than visits to the vet, they are perpetually happy. And it doesn’t take anything spectacular to make them happy, either. Mealtimes, car rides, fetching a ball, walks, treats, chasing a squirrel, agility class and meeting people and other dogs leads to much tail wagging and a facial expression that can only be described as grinning. To me, these are signs of being “dog happy.”

Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if we were all happy like dogs? Happy with the routine of life and delighting in moments of the ordinary and predictable?

That’s what Be Dog Happy is all about. Inspired by the antics of my dogs, Be Dog Happy illustrations are a reminder to take a moment, enjoy whatever it is you are doing, and BE DOG HAPPY!

Dawson's Corner

Dawson gets a blog
Dawson’s observations from the dog side, as he stands up for his beliefs and continues to grow the Abolish The Crate Federation.


You’ll be the spiffiest mutt strutting around the dog park in our official Be Dog Happy apparel.


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