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Debbie came to dog training after she realized her dog, Tucker, a very smart and active Golden Retriever, was eager to learn and needed a job. Because Tucker learned quickly, he lacked patience for an unskilled trainer, so Debbie immersed herself in classes, seminars, and books on training dogs with varied learning styles.

Since Tucker, Debbie has trained her dogs in basic obedience, tricks, search and rescue, nose work, agility, and flyball. With her natural gift for communication, and her ability to break down complex sequences into manageable chunks, she put her training skills into action. Over the years, she has helped many dog owners build stronger, happier relationships with their dogs.

The Be Dog Happy training philosophy can be summed up in these few points:

  • Your dog’s safety comes first, always.
  • Focused attention on the part of you and your dog gives the best results.
  • If you don’t like your dog’s behavior, give them better directions.
  • Positive reinforcement only!

Be Dog Happy offers classes that build the relationship between you and your dog, let the dog work their mind and their body, and help you be the person your dog already thinks you are. Whether you just got a dog or puppy and don’t know where to begin, or you are an experienced handler that wants to learn a new skill, get better at an existing skill, or compete in dog sports, Debbie and Be Dog Happy have classes for you.

Learn more about the classes we currently offer

Rover's Revenge logo - a yellow tennisball dripping with dog slobber sits above the words Rover's Revenge

Beginner Flyball Class

Flyball is a fast-paced, canine relay race in which teams of dogs take turns jumping hurdles and retrieving a tennis ball.

the Be Dog Happy dog emerges from a yellow tunnel, smiling. The words Be Dog Happy are below his front paws.

Intro to CPE SpeedWay

Ever wanted to try agility but wasn’t sure it was for you or your dog? SpeedWay is the answer for you!


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