Dear Friends, Family, Fans and Abolish the Crate Federation Members,

2022 is now a distant memory and the time has come for us to make some New Year’s resolutions. As many of you know, Grady doesn’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions because his philosophy is to enjoy life without putting undue pressure on oneself. I like setting goals because I like to work on things so here are my resolutions for 2023.

Dawson’s 2023 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Love my Mom the best way I can, usually through snuggles.
  2. Run as often as I’m allowed, in the pasture, at least once a day.
  3. Ignore Jones when he’s being a naughty puppy (that’s really hard because if he would just listen to me, he wouldn’t be naughty!).
  4. Love everyone I meet.
  5. Explain to Jones what a New Year resolution is.
I just did #5, and once Jones understood that you don’t get any treats for doing your New Year’s resolutions (and that took awhile to sink in), he said he had some general ideas of how Mom could improve in 2023. That lead to another discussion about the fact that one cannot set resolutions for someone else with Grady chiming in that Mom does not need to improve anything. So, not wanting to be left out, Jones wrote a list which I will share with you.
To Whom It May Concern and Mom and Grady and Dawson,
My New Year’s resolutions for 2023 are as follows:
  1. Gain five pounds
  2. Learn to fun faster than Dawson
  3. Collect all the sticks in the pasture
  4. Less barking when things don’t go my way
  5. Increase treat consumption
  6. Train Mom to move faster when I pull on the leash
  7. Begin work on Sticks, Inc. More info to follow.
a strawberry blonde golden retriever stands in a kitchen with his head extended slightly over a room separating gate. His mouth is slightly open and he has a sheepish expression on his face
My review of the research in successful goal setting indicates that it is good to set a goal that forces you to stretch beyond your current capabilities. I agree that it’s helpful to set goals that, in reality, are unobtainable, yet gives you something to dream about.

Much like Jones’ goal of learning to run faster than me.

Happy 2023!

There you have it. Chapter and verse.

Dawson Earnest Huntley
President & CEO
Abolish The Crate Federation


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