Teaching the “Trade” Cue

Teaching the “Trade” Cue

We’ve all been there, especially during puppy training. Your beloved pooch has suddenly gotten hold of something you don’t want them to have and which they don’t want to give up. Sometimes, you try to get the object by chasing them down which ends up being a fun game...

Cookie Jar Games Class: Choosing Non-food Hand

December 19, 2017 Cookie Jar Games Week 1 My restless dogs.  In September, Dawson ran into me while running in an Open Jumpers with Weaves course.  I ended up with a broken bone in my right ankle; Dawson was fine.  Approximately ten weeks of recovery followed (my...

Humble Pie

Once, when one of my dogs behaved in such a manner that I didn’t recognize him (of course it was in front of a group of people), my teacher commented, “Dogs have a sense of humor.”  I wasn’t sure if that explained my dog’s unexpected behavior or if he decided I needed...
NDTC Agility Trial – Standard run

NDTC Agility Trial – Standard run

I’m just not gonna think about it. Whatever Grady does on the course, I’ll remain positive but firm in my expectations. For the next minute, we both have our jobs to do so I’ll focus on mine and trust he will do his. The important thing is that Grady and I are here to...

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