Teaching the “Trade” Cue

Teaching the “Trade” Cue

We’ve all been there, especially during puppy training. Your beloved pooch has suddenly gotten hold of something you don’t want them to have and which they don’t want to give up. Sometimes, you try to get the object by chasing them down which ends up being a fun game...
Stress-free Paw-liday tips

Stress-free Paw-liday tips

We can get so busy and stressed during the holidays that we often don’t realize that our dogs can get stressed too. If you’re looking for suggestions on how to help your dog cope with the holiday season, we’ve got you covered. Everyone loves a peaceful...

Grady’s Birthday Blog!

Greetings to my friends and fans, Today, July 21, 2020, I turn 9 years old!   I often tell Dawson it is good to slow down and reflect upon things so that is what I’m going to do with today’s blog.  This past year has been full of changes, all wonderful since it only...

Cookie Jar Games Class: Choosing Non-food Hand

December 19, 2017 Cookie Jar Games Week 1 My restless dogs.  In September, Dawson ran into me while running in an Open Jumpers with Weaves course.  I ended up with a broken bone in my right ankle; Dawson was fine.  Approximately ten weeks of recovery followed (my...

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