January 26th, 2015

It’s gonna be a long, long winter’s day is all I kept thinking as Dawson’s energy level grew.  For a week (or six months, I don’t know. I’ve lost track of time), the weather has been either bitterly cold or rainy so there is little opportunity to do some serious dog walking.  And 9 month old Dawson needs his walks.  They help calm him and if he has a long walk, he doesn’t harass Grady as much.  Grady, being the gentleman-dog that he is, refuses to tell Dawson when he’s had enough.  Instead Grady leaves the room or hides behind a piece of furniture hoping that the, “out of sight, out of mind” theory works with Dawson (it doesn’t).  Poor Grady.

So I’m left to come up with some indoor activities to do with my pooches.  Maybe you’re in the same “dog house” and these could help.  I prefer the indoor activities that don’t take a lot of time on my part, doesn’t make a mess and that the dogs enjoy.  Here are my top three picks:

3 Things to do With Dogs Inside on Rainy Days:

Grady enjoying something to chew!

Grady enjoying something to chew!

  1. Hide the treat.  While the dogs are outside, I’ll take small treats and hide them throughout the house (but not where I don’t want the after-affects of drool!).  When they come back in the house, I tell them “find it” and off they go! I don’t put any treat higher than window sill height and many are on the floor, in corners and by the legs of furniture.  If there’s a toy on the floor, I’ll often conceal the treat underneath to provide a bit of a challenge.  The great thing about this game is that even after all the treats are found, the dogs keep looking for more so it keeps them busy for a while.  Dawson and Grady love this game!
  2. Basic obedience work.  You might think this would be boring but most dogs will do anything for food. And, they have to focus and think a bit which can be a good energy drain for your dog.  Have your dog do sits, downs, stays and recalls to earn his treat.  Once your dog has mastered his basic obedience skills, mix it up!  A solid 10 minutes of this will go a long way in burning off some of your dog’s energy. Watch Dawson burn off some energy here.
  3. Bully stick.  Never underestimate the power of something good to chew.  Not only does it keep your pooch occupied, it helps to keep his teeth clean!

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