Personal Correspondence

Camp Unleashed

October 13, 2016

Dear Dawson,

I said I would write you about my big adventures at Dog’s Camp so here it goes.  Try not be be too jealous because I got to do a bunch of cool dog stuff with Mom while you had to stay home. LOL!


To start with, the drive to Georgia was very, very, very long and I was so happy when we got to our hotel.  The place was great other than the dog next door who would not stop barking – for hours. Poor dog. I think he was lonely.  Anyway, Mom and I went for several short walks and I had a delicious but small dinner. You know how important food is to me so I was relieved that the quality of food didn’t change just because I was traveling.

Today was the first day of Dog’s Camp and I got to see some old friends from last year.  I was especially happy to see Judi, the Dock Diving instructor from last year. Not only is she very nice, she is almost always near water with a toy! Later, all the campers got together and we played games and got to know each other a bit. After another delicious but small dinner, Mom and I met everyone in this huge room so we could sign up for classes.  Boy was I excited! The energy in that room was electrifying and I could not settle down (I really didn’t want to calm down.  As you know, there’s nothing like that adrenalin rush to make you feel alive!).  Fortunately, this nice lady came over and showed Mom had to do a calming massage on me. The massage was wonderful and, surprisingly, calming. I felt both relaxed and alert. That is one smart lady!

After the class sign up, Mom was very tired so we went back to our room so she could sleep which is good because it gave me time to write you.  I’m gonna go to sleep now because I know tomorrow will be so much fun and I want to be well rested for the day’s adventures.

Later dude,



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