Personal Correspondence

Camp Unleashed

October 14, 2016

Dear Dawson,

Wow, what a day!!  More fun than a lively game of chase!  I was not disappointed at all.

After Mom finally woke up (I was awake for hours checking our schedule), she fed me my delicious but small portion of food.  Then, we went on a “moderate” hike and I got to be off leash!  I just love running through the woods, smelling stuff and playing with my Aussie friend, Ben.  He loves to run as much as I do so we are a good pair.  I had to stop periodically to go check on Mom and make sure she was keeping up with me.  Most of the time she did. Thank goodness because I really didn’t want to stop on the trail and wait.

Then we went to a “recall class”.  You would have loved it given your strong views on coming when Mom calls.  This class was great!  The first time Mom called me, I couldn’t see her so I ran around the corner and there she was!  I got lots of treats because I was so fast. Then the teacher held me and another teacher put herself between me and Mom.  As I ran past the teacher, I smelled something really yummy but I kept running to Mom.  Since I did such a good job “staying focused” (Mom’s words), the teacher gave me the yummy treat she was holding which was a sardine!  You’ve never had a sardine but let me tell you they are wonderfully smelly and very flavorful.  Mom says they stink so I doubt she will buy us any.

Remember my friend Judi that I told you about?  She was in charge of the next event which was swimming with toys!  I love swimming with toys and so did the other five or so dogs that were in my class.  All of them were great swimmers – Michael Phelps would have been proud!  Right after that, I tried Dock Diving again.  I know you say that it is no big deal to jump into the water but I really like to see where I’m heading when I jump.  Last year it was very, very, very hard for me to get up the nerve to jump after my ball but this year Mom said there was improvement in my “jumping” speed. After much whining, I finally plopped into the water and swam to my toy.  I love my floating water toy!

Then Mom dried me off and I took a nap and finally got to eat my delicious but small portion dinner.  Our evening class was canine massage and I was very relaxed by the time class was over.

I’m suddenly exhausted so I’m heading to bed.  Will write more tomorrow.

Later dude,



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