Personal Correspondence

Camp Unleashed

October 15, 2016

Dear Dawson,

I think this was the best day ever at camp!  I was busy, busy, busy and I loved it, loved it, loved it!

The first class I attended was unlike any other you or I have been to and it was called Barn Hunt.  There’s hay which I’d never seen before (don’t worry I took pictures so I could show you what it looks like but it reminds me of very dried up grass) and a plastic tube with rats in them!  Unbelievable!  First I had to jump on the stacks of hay and go through a tunnel made of hay. All that was so much fun I could hardly contain myself!  But the strangest part was meeting the rats.  You couldn’t touch them (that was disappointing) or chase them (really disappointing) because they were in their house which was a clear tube looking thing. Still, they are fascinating creatures.  I smelled them for a long time and they didn’t seem to care at all.  I would do barn hunt again if I had the chance!

Then Mom and I went to a tracking class. I don’t like to track as much as you do but I still had a marvelous time because there were treats at almost every step until you reached the article and then you got the treat on the article and Mom gave me bonus treats.  Have I mentioned that there’s something extra delicious about treats at camp?  It must be that fresh mountain air that makes everything taste so good.

I was invited to participate in the Dock Diving Extravaganza so after a quick nap, off I went.  Judi threw my toy in the water and after much trepidation, I jumped into the abyss of water.  Twice!  For my efforts, I won the prize for, “Shortest Jump!” Mom was very proud of me and gave me several treats!

I finished the day attending several workshops that Mom wanted to go to so I napped while she took notes. After a very small dinner, I had to go to a photo shoot to commemorate my camp experience.  I wanted to go in the water for my photo shoot but Mom didn’t feel like dealing with a wet dog so we stayed on land for the pictures. You know I love photo shoots because I’m the center of attention and everyone says I look handsome! It was a great way to end the day.

We are coming home tomorrow so I’ll see you then.  I’m planning on sleeping all the way home on the very, very, very long drive back to Tennessee.

Later dude,


P.S. I think we should seriously consider purchasing some rats.


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