Grady the Golden is turning out to be a super dog. He’s a quick learner, generally obedient, likes hanging out with me and treats my other golden, 12 year old Tucker, kindly. I think that’s pretty good for an 11 month old pooch.

Still, there are a few things Grady does that causes me no end of frustration. The biggest vice Grady has is his fascination with rocks which, frankly, is starting to border on obsession. Like a moth to a flame, Grady is drawn to rocks and he’s not particular about which rocks he likes either. Small rocks, big rocks, rocks from the stream in the backyard, rocks buried under dirt, no rock goes unnoticed by Grady. If it is part of the rock world, Grady will find it, retrieve it, and, lately, chew on it. Thankfully, I’ve yet to see him swallow one.

If you were to ask Grady (and if he could talk), I have no doubt he would tell you with complete certainty his human Mom does not approve of his “special problem.” I have tried every suggestion I’ve been given in the hopes of changing his attitude about rocks but to no avail. I’ve come to the conclusion Grady has too much time on his hands and not enough to to do – he’s not tired enough. After all, if Grady was truly dog tired, in all likelihood he would lose interest in the rocks or be too tired to care. At least, that’s my reasoning. Now, how to get Grady dog tired…

Doggie daycare!

Friday I dropped Grady off at doggie day care for his evaluation visit and prayed he would make friends, have fun and play until he couldn’t see straight. It was a hot day but I was assured by the staff that the dogs had access to shade and several dog pools. Several hours later, I arrived to find a disheveled looking Grady who smelled like sweaty socks. Clearly he had a fabulous day.

Grady jumped in the van and turned toward me waiting for our customary greeting. I said to him, “Did you have fun today?” Grady looked me straight in the eye and gave me a roguish smile. It was a look I knew all too well.

I bet he found some rocks.


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