Grady’s Journal

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

7:50am is when it all began.

Today started out pretty much like every other day.  Everyone woke up to Dawson’s barking, as usual.  I went outside with Dawson to do my business, came back in and had breakfast.  Mom worked on the computer for awhile and then Dawson and I followed her to the basement to watch her get a roll of paper towels (you never know when Mom will need help with these sorts of things so I like to be available).

Then, Mom went upstairs and so did Dawson and but Mom didn’t see me because all of a sudden I felt funny so I went to her office thinking I needed to go outside.  Mom called me to see where I was and when I came around the corner, she got a funny expression on her face and walked over to me.  She looked very concerned and called the vet and I heard her say that my face was swollen.  The next thing I knew Mom and I were taking a joyride in the van and I was so pleased we left Dawson at home in his crate.

Mom pulled into a parking spot at a place I’d never seen before called Blue Pearl Emergency Vet and once the nice ladies behind the counter saw me, they smiled and said sweet things to me.  Another lady came out and told me that I had probably been stung by something which is why my face and eyes were swollen but she wanted to be sure and took me back to the room without my Mom (I do not like leaving my Mom at all and told her so but the people in the back were very nice and I made several new friends).  I got a couple of shots and then Mom and I waited in a room to make sure I was getting better, which I was.

After my visit to the ER vet, I came home and rested and slept.  Dawson tried to get me to play but I really wasn’t up for it and he was actually pretty understanding about it.

I hope today goes a lot smoother.


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