Day 5 of 14

Thinking the pizza crust would work again, I eagerly offered Tucker a piece with his pill concealed inside.

He declined to take it.  In Tucker’s 12 years of living, I have never, ever, seen him refuse pizza (it’s one thing we have in common).  I thought perhaps he couldn’t see or smell the yummy pizza crust that I held in my hand.  I waved it in front of his nose, held it before his eyes and still, no response. Complete disinterest in both me and the pizza crust.

I resorted to my back-up plan. After wrapping the pill in a slice of deli ham I handed it to Tucker with all the nonchalance I could muster.  (I’ve found that if I act too interested in what he eats, he becomes very suspicious and typically does the opposite of what I want).

Bingo!  Tucker perked right up when he smelled the ham and swallowed it without even a chew.

Power to the pig.



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