Day 10 of 14

So I was thinking… maybe the fact that the antibiotic is the size of a horse pill is one of the reasons that Tucker resists taking it.  It could be uncomfortable to swallow.

I cut the pill in half and disguised half the pill in some food.  No interest whatsoever from Tucker.

Feeling like I had no choice, I put half the pill in a spoonful of canned pumpkin (which Tucker loves) and crammed it in his mouth.  Apparently Tucker got a good night’s sleep and was well rested and willing to fight. He thrashed his head around for a second or two, and then just stared at me while I held his mouth shut.  And held his mouth shut.  And held his mouth shut some more.  I started to panic a bit, wondering how long Tucker could keep this up.  After all, he’s retired so he’s got nothing better to do than to wait me out.

Finally, and before my hand went completely numb, Tucker swallowed his pill.  I was thrilled and praised him and gave him several treats, which he eagerly gulped down.  I was so excited because today’s pill taking session was over!

And then I saw the other half of the pill…



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