Day 14 of 14

The final day!!

Wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible, I decided to use the peanut butter maneuver again.  Although messy, it is highly effective.

I put the pill in the peanut butter and got ahold of Tucker.  I tried to neatly put the peanut butter in the side of Tucker’s mouth when I was quickly reminded that Tucker doesn’t care about the aftermath of combat. Playing to win has its consequences and not all of them are pretty. So, like yesterday, there was peanut butter everywhere.

Fortunately for me, Tucker cannot resist licking peanut butter off his nose so the pill went down without a problem.  As far as the mess was concerned, I was lucky.  The Puppy Grady has taken it upon himself to be the clean-up crew even if it involves getting peanut butter off of Tucker.  He’s pretty good at it actually.

Now that the Fourteen Days of Trickery is over, I realize a couple of things.  I never thought I’d stick my hand in a dog’s mouth but I did, and more than once.  I can’t say that I like it but I can get the job done if needed.

Additionally, I have a renewed admiration for my dog, Tucker.  At twelve years old, he is steadfast in his beliefs and what he likes and dislikes, no matter how inconvenient it is for anyone else.  He is who he is, without apology or explanation.  And, although there are times that can be aggravating, you gotta admit…

it’s also pretty cool.



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