Day 13 of 14

I was beginning to believe that things were turning my way but I was in for a rude awakening.  I’m referring to my two day successful run with Tucker and his pill.  I suppose all good things must come to an end.

If you ask me, Tucker threw the first punch.

I put the pill in Tucker’s food.  He slowly and methodically ate everything but the pill.  I managed to get the pill in his mouth and held it closed while kneeling in front of him.

For a solid two minutes Tucker never moved a muscle.  My mind started to wander and I thought maybe I had missed seeing him swallow the pill so I let go.

I hadn’t missed anything.

Pill back in his mouth, Tucker stubbornly held on, refusing to give in.  Two minutes, twenty-three seconds passed.

While I was kneeling, my foot started to fall asleep so I let go of Tucker’s mouth at which time he promptly spit out the pill.

I got some peanut butter and put the pill in it.  Next, I grabbed his muzzle and while he was bobbing and weaving his head, I managed to get some peanut butter inside of his mouth.  As a result of our struggle, there was peanut butter everywhere.  All over my hands, my shirt, on Tucker’s neck, ear and all over the sides of his mouth.  Pretty messy stuff that peanut butter.  Who knew?

I held his mouth closed and waited while Tucker waited on me to let go.  Minutes passed and I was beginning to wonder what I would do if Tucker didn’t swallow soon. Tucker was on his game today and did not seem to be in the mood to back down.

I did the only thing I could think of.  I wiped peanut butter on his nose.

Sure enough, Tucker licked his nose.  I managed to keep his chin up and as he licked the peanut butter, the pill went down his throat.

One more day to go.



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