Day 9 of 14

Tucker’s actions yesterday revealed that he was not above pulling out all the stops when it came to avoiding taking his pill.  As is his personality, he was playing to win.  Since I had a fairly busy day yesterday, I hadn’t had time to seriously contemplate revising my strategy.  I decided to stick with the “shoving the pill down his throat” approach.

I hate forcing a pill into Tucker’s mouth and making him swallow it.  And I really hate having to ambush him to do it.  He fights me every step of the way and when Tucker realizes he’s stuck, he begins to tremble.  It bothers me every time.

Still the deed must be done and I had to be the one to do it.  I walked over to him and attempted to open his mouth which was harder to open than a child proof bottle.  I never got his mouth opened but somehow managed to wedge the pill in between the spaces of a couple of his side teeth.  After I tilted his head back a bit and wiped his nose dry, Tucker made a move.  He quickly licked his dry nose and inadvertently swallowed the pill.

Whew!  Only five days to go.



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