Day 7 of 14

Today I’m half-way through the fourteen days of trickery and, I must admit, Tucker’s starting to wear me down. I even had concerned friends say, “Is everything okay?  You look a little tired.”  Honestly, I’m a bit nervous that I’ll run out of ways to convince (okay, trick) Tucker to take his pill and I fear I’ve become a little obsessed about it.  It seems to be all I talk about and I’m starting to wonder if I need therapy.  That dog is in my head.

A serious competitor, Tucker always plays to win (if you don’t believe me, ask anyone whose engaged in a game of tug with him – it can be downright painful).  Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a lot of great qualities (he is a golden after all) but being a graceful loser isn’t one of them.  And Tucker refuses to cooperate if he doesn’t see the value in it.  Apparently, he has a set of principles that he lives by and being forced to take antibiotics is worthy of some serious protest.

Today I offered him a wide selection of foods and treats, praying he would just take the food and swallow it.

Tucker remained firm in his refusal.

After some thought, I decided to go for the element of surprise.

Tucker was lying on the living room floor when I snuck up on him.  He tried to get to his feet, but I was faster and grabbed his muzzle before he could blink. I quickly shoved the pill in his mouth and held it closed.  Looking at me with astonishment, Tucker swallowed the pill.

I guess reading that book on espionage is starting to pay off.




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