Grady says "Happy Valentine's Day"!

The Things You Love
A Valentine’s Day Commentary by Grady Buford Huntley

Dear Readers,

Everyone says that Valentine’s is a day to express your love but I am compelled to say that I strongly disagree.  As my fellow canines know, one day of the year just doesn’t give us enough time to express our love so we believe love should be shared every minute of every day with everyone and every creature we meet.  In fact, it would simply go against our dog-nature to do otherwise.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

I suggest that we utilize Valentine’s Day another way. Have you ever really thought about all the things you love in your life and how lucky you are to have them? Big things and little things? I got to thinking about all the things I love which took quite a bit of time.  Dawson likes to organize his thoughts and suggested I make a list to inspire others.  I told him my list would be too long so he came up with the idea of, “Grady’s Top 20 List of Things He Loves, Loves, Loves!” Perhaps the title is a little wordy but it does capture the spirit of my list as well as forcing me to be concise.  Thank-you Dawson.

Grady’s Top 20 List of Things He Loves, Loves, Loves!:
1. Mom
2. Mom
3. Mom
4. Dawson
5. breakfast
6. dinner
7. any and all treats
8. tennis balls
9. agility
10. smelling stuff in the yard
11. hiking off leash with Mom
12. Nose Work class
13. running in the front yard
14. chasing Dawson
15  napping on the couch
16. cuddling with Mom
17. all my friends, human and otherwise
18. chewing bully sticks
19. walking with Dawson and Mom
20. bonus treats

Making my list of things I love made me very happy (especially thinking about Mom! I love her so!). In the spirit of Valentine’s Day love, I highly recommend that you make a list too.  Who knows, maybe by making a list you might be inspired to share some love.  Because, with the exception of treats, it is always better to give than receive.

Wishing you a long list of things you love, love, love,


Grady Buford Huntley
Spiritual Advisor
Abolish the Crate Federation
Golden Extraordinaire


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