Tripod Dog

Every so often someone says something to you that makes you think.  I mean really think. That stops you short and you remember the feeling of the words for a long time.  It happen to me today and I thought I’d share it with you.

I was in the grocery store check-out line chatting with the cashier.  She had noticed my Be Dog Happy t-shirt, commented that she liked it and proceeded to tell me about her dog.  “My dog’s a tripod.” she said, “That’s a three legged dog and she’s a lab mix.”  She said her dog loved to run and that just after the surgery to remove the dog’s leg, her dog tried to run.  Then the woman said something that got my attention.


“My dog never gets discouraged,” she emphatically said.  “Never.”


Can you imagine?  My first thought was I don’t know anyone that I could say that about (and I know a lot of very positive people).  And my second thought was, wouldn’t it be great if someone could say that about me? (No one can).


Search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, dogs that have been mistreated and still forgive and love, all these dogs are my heroes.  And now added to my list of canine heroes is a three legged dog of which I know nothing else about but who inspired me to be a better, more grateful person.


Rock on, tripod dog.  Rock on.




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