I really didn’t think Tucker would give me a hard time taking his pill today.  After all, yesterday’s experience with Dr. B. showed me that all I had to do was offer it to him and he would take it, no questions asked.

No such luck.

I held out my hand with the pill in it only to get a look from Tucker that I interpreted as, “Not so fast there, missy.”  He stared at the pill, sniffed it for a second or two, and then slowly walked away.

“Why do you do this?” I said in frustration as I reached for a slice of bread.

After tearing the bread into several pieces, I wrapped the pill in one piece, hoping that he would gulp all the pieces down without subjecting each one to a microscopic examination.  I tell you, sometimes I think that in another life, Tucker was the dude who tasted the king’s food to see if it was safe only to have it turn out horribly wrong.

Sweet success!!  Tucker ate all of the bread, without hesitation.  Hooray for me!!

Now that I know Tucker will take his pill in bread, the next 12 days will be a piece of cake.




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